Industry specific solutions that fit every need.

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The Rules of the Game are constantly Changing.

With over 250 million internet users, Africa’s growing need of a digital presence is necessary for companies to thrive in this digital age and position themselves accordingly. KHASH saw the need and is your partner in building and unlocking the internet’s full capacity. Our vision is to offer our clients a holistic portfolio covering all areas of knowledge of digital strategy and to provide a fully customized consulting service on digital barriers and opportunities.


Customers are demanding more every day and they’re changing their minds more. Markets are saturating in no time flat yet new markets are opening up all the time. Fierce rivals are arriving from everywhere. Shareholders insist that costs stay low. Regulators won’t quit. And throughout, technology continually changes the rules of competition in such significant ways. iPads.

In memory computing. Cloud. Smartphones. Where were these just a few years ago? Businesses are now up against tougher, more complicated problems ones that cannot be solved by applying yesterday’s thinking. They have few chances to try something new; opportunities are fleeting, risks are intensifying, and assumptions are rapidly losing their validity. The nature and pace of today’s economies require our clients to be bolder, faster, more imaginative, and even more flexible if they wish to succeed—now andn into the future.

To do this, they need an ally that understands intimately understands the dynamics of the marketplace and the interplay of technology forces. They need someone who will collaborate closely with them instead of telling them what to do.

What makes KHASH different.

Industry specific solutions that fit every need.

KHASH’s broad industry experience, partnering with hundreds of companies within a sector at scale,enables us to create new, industry specific solutions and technologies that speed time to value, reduce costs and risks, and multiply the business value of technology services. Our capabilities enable us to deliver everything from point solutions for one function within one industry to large, long term outsourcing services and complex systems integration that spans multiple businesses and functions.

Top talent.

Committed to challenging and fulfilling careers, investments in employee development and strong core values, KHASH has top talent, whether measured in knowledge, skills and ability or in character, attitude and commitment. As part of an integrated team, our people work arm in arm with our clients,creating a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.

What we offer

App Development

We accelerate application development and improve our customer’s mobile experience with enterprise mobility services platform.

Web Development

Conative IT Solutions provides a total package of website development and helps you in boosting up your business through internet.

E-Commerce Web Design

We are one of the well known names for Ecommerce website development with a relevant experience in the development industry.

Search Engine Optimization

Best way to get Inbound leads for your business & leads to higher leads and branding.

Social Media Optimization

What your customers see is what they buy & engaging them socially is one of best way.

Customer Support

We provide businesses with professional consulting and support services in the areas of customer support.

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Android & IOS


Cups of Coffee


Projects completed


Pre implementation

Strategic Definition

  • Business Plan

  • Supplier selection

  • National / international market analysis

  • Benchmarking

  • HR structure

  • Balanced scorecard / KPIs

  • Additional selling channels


Project Development

  • Site design and programming

  • Payment methods

  • Legal compliance

  • Online logistics

  • Online marketing plan

  • Systems integration

Post Implementation


  • Online marketing plan execution and monitoring

  • Site performance (Webanalytics)

  • “Business as usual” (orders,customer service, frauds, etc)

  • Corrective actions based on performance monitoring

  • HR rollout,: internal training,head hunting, outsourcing

Our Partners & Clients

With 10 years of experience working in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. KHASH has worked with multinational companies such as FedEx, Africa Exchange, DFID, New Aerobic Digestion UK, Google, Codezilla to implement their Internationalization strategy and ecommerce platform. KHASH has operations in 6 countries over 4 continents.

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